Research and Development

The research and development of our products is projected mainly to the pharmaceutical and nutritional channel. It is oriented towards the development of innovative products that are well distinguished in the broad field of dietary foods. The high quality of raw materials, associated with the scrupulous respect to the recommendation by national and international scientific group, have given rise to innovative products and equally capable of embracing a multiple and different therapeutic area of great scientific interest and relevance.

Production drops and syrups

Dupi Italia’s business partners posses the latest equipment and a highly professional staff, able to accompany the product right from the design stage, and to following it up to the launch on the market. Production laboratories make use of production units handled by highly trained and constantly updated about the constant and numerous technological innovations required by the industry.

Granules and powders

Also as regards the production of carbohydrate and protein food, Dupi Italia uses commercial partners extremely oriented not only toward the use of highly qualitative raw materials but also, and especially, to a maniacal scientific rigor that has always given, over the years, power and prestige to our brand.