Why does Previtamin Gocce and Previtamin Zero change color?

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The particular formulations of Previtamin Gocce and Previtamin Zero does not provide for the presence of stabilizers of the color; therefore, is likely to occur a slight variation of the color, as reported on the label, is not index alteration of the product.

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    Why are Previtamin Gocce and Previtamin Zero vented to open?

    The production process of Previtamin Gocce and Previtamin Zero takes place in a protective atmosphere in a nitrogen flow to ensure vitamins unchanged: this means that the bottle is filled with an inert gas such as nitrogen precisely. Consequently, when the package is opened, feels a vent that indicates precisely the escape of nitrogen....
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    Does Maltonic indicate in the recovery during the races?

    Maltonic can be used, like Carbotonic, during the races to recover liquid and has energy readily available without intestinal problems. The suggested dilution is 6-8% (60-80 grams in 1 liter of water = better absorption, no problems of osmolarity) to drink during training and racing. Obviously Maltonic not be flavored but just add lemon or...

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