The Company

Dupi Italia is specialized in the formulation, production and distribution of nutritional products, special food and phytotherapic products.
The Company was founded in 1995 with the brand "Dupi Energy" that identifies a product line dedicated purely to athletes and sheds light on major sporting events, including a world record for kayak and many successes with athletes of the Italian National Swimming.

Since 2002 the Company has been moving towards the area of health and intensifies its activities directed to physicians, with new products aimed for children.
Thanks to the expertise of the founding partners in the medical, pharmaceutical and nutritional area, from over a decade Dupi Italia focuses its core business on developing products designed to meet the nutritional needs of pediatric subjects, with particular attention to the little patients with the greatest needs.

The research carried out over the years in the field of nutrition, in collaboration with research institutes and universities, made it possible to create products that stand today in the field of dietary supplements to high quality raw materials and production processes, for which Dupi Italia has developed long-term partnerships with specialized companies.

Mission & Vision


Through the centrality of R&D, high-quality raw materials and the creation of innovative products, Dupi Italia aims to improve the quality of everyone’s life, from birth to old age.

The Company's philosophy, unchanged for twenty years, focuses on the indissoluble link between health and nutrition, from an early age.


" Small Business Genetically Innovative"*.

This is the peculiar term coined for Dupi Italia by the continuous improvement of products and processes, which combines with passion and dedication and diligence with the goal of helping children to become adults.

* Marino V., Casi di marketing internazionale, 2010, pp.229-255.