The right supplementation for athletes

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It is known that physical activity leads to an increase in energy expenditure accompanied by increased sweat production through which our body dissipates the heat that develops during muscle contraction.

In fact, the losses of liquid should be replenished adequately especially in case of prolonged effort and in the summer periods characterized by high temperatures.

Usually a varied and balanced diet is capable of providing the body with the right amount of nutrients; however, for people who practice sport, also at the amateur level, it may be helpful to use supplementation with multivitamin and minerals to support the processes of energy’s production and fill any micronutrient deficiencies.

The vitamins of group B, in particular B1, B2, B6 and B12, are essential for the transformation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates into energy, contributing thus to the normal energy metabolism; they also contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Other important vitamins are the vitamin A, C and E and minerals such as zinc which play a powerful antioxidant against free radicals, substances harmful to the body. Therefore a sportsman, producing more free radicals, because “burns” more energy than normal, needs a higher intake of antioxidants.

Although potassium and magnesium are essential as the first contributes to normal muscle function, while magnesium helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue, energy metabolism, normal muscle function and restore electrolyte balance.

Taking supplements of vitamins and minerals is useful not only for people who perform physical activity, but also for people who perform mental activities such as office work or studing for an exam.


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