Feeding with passion… since childhood

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The article was published in the journal MioMagazine in the period July-September 2013







When it talks about health and well-being is at stake always pull “the ancients” and their proverbial wisdom, encapsulated in the famous phrase “mens sana in corpore sano”.

Therefore, the attention to the welfare has ancestral roots and has known mixed success throughout history. Not always in fact, the society has placed emphasis on the welfare and fitness, but sometimes come back into vogue dictating guidelines for fashion and life.

It is what we are experiencing in recent years, an attention to the welfare and health, sometimes at the edge of manic. But if today has become routine to talk about diet (not only understood in terms of weight loss), supplements and balanced diet, in the 90s, when Dupi Italia took its first steps in the field of food for wellness, was pioneering really talk about it.

In 1995 the passion of the founders of Dupi Italia led them to create a line of products targeted to sportsmen, Dupi Energy, which spread and became increasingly used in many major events, for athletes who competed in sports such as swimming and hard kayaking. Therefore was introduced the concept of integration as food support during sport performance.

The winning combination dietary supplement/physical well-being was subsequently extended to other phases of the life of the individual: in 2002 the Company turned his gaze toward the medical field, creating a line of products for children, from conception to gestation (with products dedicated to expecting mothers) until the birth and early years of life, with a diligence to help children to become adult.

An innovative vision that led Dupi Italia to become a leader in the field of foods and supplements, offering a product line that uses criteria of excellence from the selection of raw materials to the production stage to the packaging of selected materials to ensure quality product until use.

The attention in each step of the production process is continuous and scrupulous, since both products are targeted at the most delicate phases of the life of a child, the birth and growth.

The steady improvement and development of the products are the result of professionalism, passion and dedication, as well as personal attention to the health of the person, the principle on which the founders of Dupi Italia have based their business philosophy, unchanged for nearly two decades: a clear commitment towards those who believe that the health start from the feeding, since the childhood.