Supplements: a growing market

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The dietary supplement industry does not seem to be affected by the general crisis of consumption but on the contrary is a growing market.

In fact, according to data from Nielsen Market Tracl Federsalus Healthcare for the period February 2013 – January 2014, supplement market has achieved a value of € 1.9645 billion for a total of 141 million packs sold.

The changes compared to the same period last year showed a positive trend in terms of both consumption (+2.1%) and turnovers (+3.1%). Purchases occur primarily in pharmacy for a value of 2.9% reported by the pharmacy channel, while the Parafarmacia shows a +2.4% in value.

Lactic acid supplements for weight control, salt supplements, multivitamins and supplements for hair products are best purchased in a market that is estimated at 2 billion Euros and has a positive trend over last year. In most cases the main figures that influence people to buy a dietary supplement are your doctor or pharmacist, who recommend such products as nutritional supplements, support to antibiotic therapy or for physiological purposes.