What are nutritional supplements?

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In an increasingly fast-paced lifestyle, where time to plan meals down the list of priorities, demand and increase the use of dietary supplements so as to occupy a space growing on the shelves of health food stores, pharmacies and supermarkets.

But what are they and what are exactly nutritional supplements?

Dietary supplements are defined by the law “food intended to supplement the diet and are common concentrated sources of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect, in particular, but not exclusively , amino acids, essential fatty acids, fiber and plant-derived extracts, alone or in combination, in unit dose form.”

Are in the form of capsules, tablets, sachets, vials and similar; may contribute to the well-being of the organism by optimizing nutritional status, or by contributing with the supply of nutrients or other substances, without any purpose of care. Therefore, dietary supplements are elements that exist by itself in nature; these are assumed to be in a normal diet, but in some cases may be deficient and / or consumed in amounts less than the actual and expected needs of RDA RDA.

It is well to remember that, while not drugs, dietary supplements should not be taken in overdose but you have to always follow the instructions on the label and / or as directed by your doctor.

In conclusion, it is preferable to buy food supplements in the pharmacy where the pharmacist, according to his knowledge, advise on suitable product” but, more importantly, “safe” because they are registered at the Ministry of Health.